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Mother's Day flowers a flop? Exactly what you can do if your arrangement is more boo-quet


Almost a quarter of people who sent out or got flowers in the in 2014 were unhappy with them.

It's suggested to be the day we state it with flowers but as lots of as one in 5 of us might be left dissatisfied with our Mother s Day arrangements.

A Which? study reveals that almost a quarter of individuals who sent or received flowers in the in 2014 were unhappy with them.

Common problems included flowers lasting less than 5 days, lots that didn’t arrive on time - or at all - were in poor condition or delegated die on the doorstep.

One in two failed to grumble.

So what can you do if your Mother s Day bouquet is more flower flop than magnificent spray?

Which? representative Alex Neill said: If you’re a mum whose flowers are late, damaged or don t live up to expectations you shouldn’t simply accept them to save a loved one from dissatisfaction.

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They might be entitled to a partial or complete refund under the Consumers Rights Act, so we’d advise you to get in touch with the purchaser as quickly as possible.

Which? encourages mums to take photographs of dismal flowers and notify their relative of any issues so they can grumble straight away.

And here’s the Which? overview of what you can expect under the law:

* Poor quality flowers: when you order an arrangement you get in into an agreement with the merchant so if the flowers are faulty it’s a breach of that agreement. You could be entitled to a full refund.

* Late delivery: If you re offered an approximated delivery time and flowers arrive late you have no automatic right to refund. If you were promised or paid additional for delivery on a specific date or by a certain time you can decline the flowers and get a refund.

* The wrong flowers: All products have to be as explained so you can decline the present and get a refund if they are not what was purchased.

* Not adequate flowers: If you paid for a certain quantity of flowers, such as roses, and some are missing you can reject them or request a partial refund if you don t want to return them.


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